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Your hospice is your choice.

Remember to ask for Hospice of Chattanooga by name because there are others. (423) 892-4289

You are not expected to know, but if you think our hospice or palliative care services might be a consideration in your instance, you can call Hospice of Chattanooga and ask about any of our services. Our caring staff will guide you or a caregiver through the process of consulting with your physician to get a start on an assessment or the process of getting hospice or palliative care.

Most people do not understand everything about hospice care, but at least once a week someone will tell us that if they had known how good hospice care was, they would have called us sooner. Being able to deliver care for weeks or even months allows us to give our patients the quality of life they deserve, and it allows us the needed time to help the families deal with any issues they may face.

We think the MOST IMPORTANT message is that too many people wait too long before considering and engaging Hospice of Chattanooga for the hospice services they deserve. Hospice begins as a six-month benefit but can be in effect longer if deemed appropriate by your physician.

Our plan for your care is made at the bedside and not in a boardroom. Hospice of Chattanooga is this region's nonprofit hospice with a mission to serve all who can benefit from our clinical experience and expertise.