Specialty Volunteer Programs

Join our Caring Paws Program

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Hospice of Chattanooga's Caring Paws program is part of the only certified volunteer hospice pet therapy program in our area. These animals (and their owners) provide over 400 hrs of therapeutic visits a year to hospice patients in the home, assisted living centers, and nursing homes. The benefits to our patients include decreased blood pressure, increased verbal communication, depression and anxiety relief, and many more positive effects! If you and your pet would like to bring joy to people's lives, join our Caring Paws team to serve our community. All animals must be pet therapy certified, and the pet owner must go through Hospice of Chattanooga's volunteer orientation and training program.

Dogs, cats, bunnies, horses, and birds are all welcome. They must be at least one year old, calm, gentle and comfortable interacting with unfamiliar people in unfamiliar settings. Handlers should have excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate with different populations. Interested individuals and their pet must attend comprehensive therapy training and certification (provided at no cost).

Learn more about Caring Paws and how you can help, volunteer today!

Share the Gift of Music

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Join our Volunteer Music Therapy Program

Music is a powerful form of art that is known for its healing capability to transcend cultural, lingual, and societal barriers.

Hospice of Chattanooga is looking for musicians in the area who want to give their time to play for our hospice patients and families. We offer an easy on-boarding process and some college students may qualify for credit hours toward their practicum. This is truly an awesome way to give the gift of music while giving back to the community.


• Musical therapy can help to establish or re-establish interpersonal relationships.

• It can promote positive self-esteem through self-actualization.

• It uses the unique potential of rhythm to energize patients, bringing order and calmness.

Learn more about our Music Therapy Program, volunteer today!

Share the Healing Power of Art

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Volunteer with Hospice of Chattanooga Art Therapy

Are you a local artist who is willing to share your gift with others? Hospice of Chattanooga is looking for volunteer artists who want 􀀅o provide art therapy to hospice patients and families.

We love and appreciate our wonderful volunteers who are the cornerstone of what we do. As a Hospice of Chattanooga volunteer, you will have a profound impact on the quality of life experienced by our patients. Your very presence and the simple act of holding a hJnd can sometimes be the most precious gift you can give.


• Improve the quality of life in individuals
• Facilitate a reconnection with long-term memories
• Find meaning and closure
• Help individuals witness themselves and their relationships
• Reduce anxiety levels

Help us replace what illness takes away by volunteering your time and talents. Volunteer today!