Refer a Patient

(423) 892-1533

Referring to Hospice of Chattanooga is the right and proper thing to do for your patient who you have determined has a terminal prognosis.

As a physician you should never feel that anyone is “giving up” if the option of hospice is considered. Our hospice team recognizes your relationship with your patient and, if you wish, will walk alongside you in having the conversation about hospice as the next step in your care plan for them.

If you wish, you can remain the attending so that you maintain your relationship with the patient through the next phase of their care. Whichever you choose, it is important that we hear from you about the patient’s history in your care. That will greatly help us as we begin our relationship with the patient.

All you have to do is contact the Hospice of Chattanooga representative who calls on your office or facility, or simply fax your hospice order to our intake number, fax: 423-892-8267. If you do not have the proper form for faxing, we will gladly replenish your supply.

Once the referral from you is received, we will contact the patient or the caregiver to schedule a time to visit with the patient, their family or caregiver, and assess their situation so that we can create the best plan of care for them.

Again, if you have questions about the referral process at Hospice of Chattanooga, a call to anyone on our intake team is welcome, at (423) 892-1533.