We love and appreciate our wonderful Hospice of Chattanooga volunteers who are the cornerstone of what we do. As a Hospice of Chattanooga volunteer, you will have a profound impact on the quality of life experienced by our patients. Your very presence and the simple act of holding a hand can sometimes be the most precious gift you can give.

There are many different things you can do to assist in the care of our patients and their families. Volunteers sometimes sit with a patient and give their family caregiver a break to just go out and run routine errands, maybe even reading or talking to the patient. Or you can assist our staff with the patients and families at our Hospice Care Center, work in one of our office locations or help with the Family Night programs for parents and children who are dealing with the loss of a loved one. If your question is, “When would I volunteer?” the answer is: whenever you are available. We have need for volunteers every day.

When you volunteer with Hospice of Chattanooga, there is the signup process that includes background checks, drug screening and orientation. After all, we want to make sure the people we send into someone’s home are of the highest character and abilities.

Once approved as a volunteer, you will have a coordinator who works with you on assignments, directions and introductions. All hospice volunteers are given assignments that best suit their time, skills and interests.

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Volunteer Application

If you are interested in volunteering at Hospice of Chattanooga, take the first step today! All you need to do is fill out the form below.

Call (423) 892-1533 and ask to speak to our volunteer coordinator with any questions.

Interested in volunteering?

Simply fill out the Volunteer Contact form, and one of our Volunteer Coordinators will contact you on the following business day.

Volunteer Contact Form

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Volunteer Training + Orientation

Once your volunteer application has been processed, a member of Hospice of Chattanooga’s volunteer services team will contact you to schedule volunteer orientation and training.

The purpose of orientation and training is to ensure our hospice volunteers are acquainted with the Hospice of Chattanooga philosophy, as well as the agency’s mission, values, policies and procedures. Each training session is tailored to the volunteer’s specific role within the organization, including office support, community education, special events or working directly with our hospice patients and families. The amount of training you receive will depend upon the type of help you would like to give as a volunteer.

The volunteer orientation and training process is always ongoing at Hospice of Chattanooga. We do our best to accommodate our prospective volunteers’ schedules when performing orientation and training.


Volunteer Types

Here are examples of what you can be a part of as a volunteer:

Patient/Family Support in Private Homes: These trained volunteers travel to the patient's home to offer support and companionship. Your duties will vary but include sitting with the patient, reading to the patient, assisting the patient and caregivers with light housework, running errands, etc.

Patient/Family Support in Nursing Homes or Assisted Living Facilities: As a trained volunteer, you may visit several Hospice of Chattanooga patients residing at local nursing homes or assisted living centers. Duties are similar to those provided in the patient's home. These volunteers will often sit with patients, provide companionship, give caregivers a brief break from the patient's bedside, etc.

Tuck-in program (weekly): In this role you will work 2-3 hours on Thursday afternoon, helping us “tuck-in” many of our patients for the upcoming weekend. You will call patients or their caregivers to run down a checklist to determine if there are any medications, equipment or supplies that the patient will need over the weekend.

Pet Therapy: Hospice of Chattanooga has a very popular pet therapy program that brings smiles to the patients they visit. These animals (and their owners) make frequent visits to hospice patients in both the home, assisted living centers, and nursing homes. If you and your pet agree that you would like to bring joy to people’s lives, get involved. All animals must be pet therapy certified, and the pet owner must go through Hospice of Chattanooga's volunteer orientation and training program.

Grief Companions: Grief companions are specially trained volunteers offering ongoing support to the primary caregiver or other family members for up to 13 months after a hospice patient’s death. Grief companions provide support to the grieving loved one through phone calls and visits after the death of the patient. Visits may include trips to the loved one’s home, lunch or other social activities. Interaction may include talking, capturing the grieving loved one’s story, listening, helping around the house, educating on daily life skills such as computer, banking, etc.

Community Outreach: We always need volunteers who can help us educate the community about the care and services provided by Hospice of Chattanooga. Opportunities include speaking at local civic organizations and church groups, as well as working as a hostess or host at one of the many community health fairs we participate in during the year.

Office Support: Currently, Hospice of Chattanooga has office locations throughout our 22-county service area. We always need help with office support duties such as mailings, filing records, making copies, etc. In addition, office volunteers are often used to make follow-up phone calls to patients and family members to check in and see how the week is progressing. Chattanooga offices are on Highway 58 and East Brainerd. Others are in Athens, Cleveland, Dayton and Jasper, TN, Rossville, GA, and Murphy, NC.
Volunteer for the one closest to your home!

Vet to Vet Program: Veteran volunteers conduct a memorable ceremony for fellow veterans who are on Hospice. The patient will receive a red, white, and blue afghan along with a veteran pin with the insignia of the patient’s branch of service and a certificate to honor the loved one for their sacrifice and dedication to the country.