What We Do

At Hospice of Chattanooga our care is family focused. We understand that the end-of-life journey can be demanding and stressful for everyone involved. In addition to meeting the patient’s medical needs, our staff works very hard to treat the emotional and spiritual needs of the patient’s loved ones, too. We offer the following services to our hospice families: 

  • Regularly scheduled visits to the patient's home by a physician and registered nurse with expertise in end-of-life care.

  • The support of a certified nursing assistant to assist with personal care services like bathing and feeding.

  • Counseling, guidance, and support from a licensed clinical social worker.

  • Spiritual counseling provided by a nondenominational chaplain.

  • Grief support and counseling for loved ones lasting at least 13 months after the hospice patient’s death.

  • Trained volunteers to assist families with errands, light housekeeping, companionship, etc.

In addition to providing hospice or end-of-life care, Hospice of Chattanooga also has a palliative care program. Born from the hospice movement, palliative care is a special program designed for the chronically ill and individuals faced with multiple illnesses. Unlike hospice, patients enrolled in palliative care services are not terminally ill. The goal of palliative care is to help chronically ill individuals maintain their routines and day-to-day life as much as possible. Hospice of Chattanooga has its own palliative care clinic, where patients can receive care to manage their pain and symptoms.

In addition to providing hospice and palliative care, Hospice of Chattanooga also has special programs for children facing a life-limiting illness. Learn more about our pediatric and perinatal programs.

Learn about the origin of hospice care

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Our Values

Compassion, Accountability, Communication, Enthusiasm, Excellence

We at Hospice of Chattanooga will take the time to listen, honor your choices, and walk with you through life’s journey.

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