Perinatal Care

The perinatal hospice program at Hospice of Chattanooga is designed to support parents during the pregnancy, birth, and infancy of babies diagnosed with serious or fatal disorders. Perinatal hospice introduces specialized end-of-life care while the terminally-ill baby is still in the mother's womb. 

The perinatal team at Hospice of Chattanooga works with families who have a terminal prenatal diagnosis to come up with an individualized plan of care. Our perinatal team enables the family to participate in the planning of their baby's birth. We encourage parents to hold their baby, take pictures, and even take their child home if possible. We want the family to feel secure in the knowledge that their baby's life was treated with the same dignity afforded other terminally ill individuals.

Perinatal hospice is a true advancement in the care of pregnant women. Every moment a mother has with her child should be cherished, even if that time is unexpectedly short. Hospice of Chattanooga believes our perinatal program is a service to the community. We never turn away a family in need of this type of care from our services, even if the family cannot afford this type of care.