Impact of Your Gift

HOC Foundation / Impact of Your Gift

All donations given to the Hospice of Chattanooga Foundation will work to cover the costs of various aspects of our mission, but the biggest recipients of this support are:

Pediatric & Perinatal Teams

Because there are many aspects of hospice and palliative care for pediatric or perinatal patients that are not covered by insurance, we cover those expenses so that the families can focus on their loved ones while we worry about the rest.

Grief Counseling

While all of our patients and families have access to grief counseling, this is an opportunity that is available to every member of our community, regardless of whether or not they have had a loved one under our care. This opportunity includes various specialized support groups and grief retreats for children and teens that have lost someone dear to them. For more information you can contact our Bereavement Director, Susan Latta.

Care for Uninsured Patients

Hospice of Chattanooga turns no one away and makes sure that all those in need have equal access to high-quality hospice care, no matter the circumstance. The ability to provide this opportunity to every member of our community in need is greatly aided by the thoughtful donations of our supporters.