Hospice of Chattanooga is the only agency serving this area with a clinical team dedicated to serving children with life-limiting diagnoses.

Our pediatric team has become a leader in pediatric hospice care. This pediatric team greatly understands the level of emotion involved when the patient is a child and they are experts in providing a wide range of medical, emotional, and spiritual needs that will improve the quality of life for both the child and the family. 

Your pediatric hospice care nurses will transition and follow the child from the hospital to their home, and the child continues to receive their prescribed medical treatment with a focus on relieving symptoms and managing pain. You will have people to help your family navigate the confusing healthcare system. 

We will guide you through some tough decision-making during this difficult time, using every social service support you need from the community. Hospice of Chattanooga's pediatric hospice services are provided to all families in need, even if the child's insurer will not cover the cost of our care. We never turn away  a child facing a life-limiting illness from our services.

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"It’s the care of a child, not a little adult."